Three Benefits to Osseointegration

Let's Talk About Osseointegration - A Better Way for Prosthetics!

You know, if you've lost a limb, there are different prosthetics out there. Some focus on looking good, while others aim to work just like a real limb. At our place, Human Technology Prosthetics & Orthotics in Memphis, TN, we want to tell you about a special one called osseointegration. **No More Socket Trouble:** Regular prosthetics often use a socket to attach to your body. But this can get uncomfortable and cause skin problems. Osseointegration does it differently. It connects right to your bone using a titanium screw called the fixture. This fixture becomes a part of your bone over time, so you don't need a socket anymore. We add an extension, called an abutment, to the fixture. It's easy to put on and take off. This setup means your prosthetic fits better, and there's less rubbing on your skin. Plus, it keeps out germs! **Feels More Real:** With osseointegration, your prosthetic feels more like a real limb. People who've tried it say they can 'feel' it better than other types. **Move with Ease:** Regular prosthetics can be heavy and limit how you move. But not osseointegrated ones. They're lighter because they're simpler, with fewer parts. You can do more with them, like work out or climb stairs, without discomfort. **Safety First:** Sometimes accidents happen, and you might fall. Regular prosthetics can break when this happens. But osseointegrated ones have a built-in safety feature. The abutment can release itself to protect your bone from breaking. At Human Technology Prosthetics & Orthotics, we want you to know about osseointegration. It could make your prosthetic experience more comfortable and functional. Come talk to us, and let's see if it's right for you!"
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